We at Aegis Packaging, continually invest in the sustainable development of our business including economic, ecological and social aspects.​ We rethink the plastic packaging towards a circular economy.

Support Circular Economy

O₂X™ enables the possibility of barrier mono material flexible packaging. These flexible packaging can be recover and regenerate into different products and materials at the end of each service life.​


Most of the conventional packaging using 4 or more type of material to produce packaging to achieve the desirable barrier properties. With its outstanding barrier properties, O₂X™ enables companies to use lesser type of material to achieve the same results.


Packaging with O₂X™ coating can be recycle and reproduce to a different dimension of product without affecting the quality.


In order to recycle plastics, it must be able to separate and sorted, as different types of plastic have different melting points and properties. Hence, using O₂X™ for plastic packaging can ease the recycling process as mono-material packaging is possible.